The service is aimed at Male & Female Adults, Couples, Families, Children and Young People who have been bereaved by suicide Living in Dublin and Surrounding Areas Suicide Awareness Dublin 15 is a voluntary group made up of people bereaved through suicide, or who have experienced suicidal feelings. Our volunteers are trained in suicide prevention, bereavement support, counselling and active listening. We are committed to preventing more deaths by suicide. While we try to answer calls immediately, we are not a crisis service. Suicide Awareness Dublin 15 aims to provide a community response to suicide through Prevention, Intervention and Post-vention supports in Dublin 15. To destigmatise and raise awareness about suicide. To create a suicide-safer community through suicide prevention training. To provide individual and group bereavement supports.

Corduff Resource Centre, Blackcourt Road
Corduff, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15


(085) 8182090
For Crisis
(01) 601 0000
(01) 671 0071