Public Meetings Minutes

Public meetings are your chance to have your voice heard on burning community issues.


Minutes from public meetings held in 2013
Mulhuddart (May Public meeting)

27th April 2016 at 7:00pm

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You said……

1. There is ongoing anti-social behaviour in Castlecurragh Heath, especially relating to youths coming from Tolka Valley park at night.

You said……

2. Cars have been vandalised and windows broken in Castlecurragh

You said……

3. Resident of Castlecurragh found youths trying to steal his car at 2:00am

Tolka Valley Park

You said……

4. There is regular drinking and anti-social behaviour at the wall beside the river in Tolka Valley Park

You said……

6. Lots of rubbish along the Tolka River


You said……

5. A gang of youths in Wellview constantly engaging in anti-social behaviour

You said…..

7. A van is consistently being parked in a dangerous position at the top of Wellview Avenue

Mick Walsh Park

You said……

8. There are still motorbikes being driven in Mick Walsh Park

Smell in Mulhuddart

You said……

9. The smell emanating from the drains at the roundabout outside the Community Centre is constantly a cause of complaint


You said……

10. Drugs in the area continue to be a problem

You said……

11. Syringes have been found in two locations 1) on the green space on Dromheath Drive 2) the end of Dromheath Grove on the piece of waste ground

Corduff (September Public meeting)

Minutes 30th May 2016

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You said The playground has not been opened in over 2 years, older children still gaining access and using the equipment. When will it be properly opened?


Maintenance, cleaning, opening and closing still a concern as there is a cost involved but partners are working on a solution

You said Shops are in a dreadful state and are a real eyesore that brings the whole area down. The shops attract large groups of youths who, by their presence alone, intimidate shoppers who will not shop there anymore. The youth have regularly brought a Shetland Pony to the shops where the unfortunate animal leaves a poop trails along the ground.

Another possible holding place for horses is at the empty space behind Riversdale Community College.

There are 3 horses in Corduff at present


Fingal County Council has had 240 horses impounded over the past 12 months and will have no hesitation impounding any horse found tied up in the estate. Residents must also play a role and let the council know where these horses are being kept and who owns them.

You Said Brookhaven is experiencing a lot of break-ins especially over the weekends. There were five over the weekend of 15/16th May. First it was Brookhaven Rise, then the Park and then the Lawn. One van had its window broken on the same weekend. Brookhaven residents feel brushed aside as they don’t see any Garda presence in the area.


Gardaí have some indication as to who may be responsible and have set up a targeted operation to try to catch the culprit/s. Gardaí had some incidents reported to them but not all. People need to report each and every incident otherwise Gardaí will not be aware of what is going on.

You said People have reported to Gardaí and got no response


If this happens again please report directly to the Inspector and give as much detail about the call as you can.

You said The good work of Garda Nail Phelan is well recognised in the area as he resolved a lot of issues but he has been promoted and we now have no community Garda.


There is a commitment to run a competition within An Garda Siochana for the position vacated by Nail and this should happen over the next 8 weeks. Funding has been made available for additional patrols, along with other patrols, to target burglaries and other serious crimes in Blanchardstown

You said Anti-social behaviour, being committed by the same group of individuals at the shops, has been reported for about two and a half years now and still nothing has changed with no improvement “I don’t ring anymore”.

The local Centra shop has only one security guard who is terrified of the gang of 30 to 40 young people who hang around the shops drinking, using/selling drugs and robbing.

The area has been called ground zero with people from Finglas, Swords and Ballyfermot being attracted in to the area.

What this gang needs is low level, move on type of harassment. These young adults have been reported since they were children.


Garda will meet with shop keepers following this meeting to address issues of concern raised. In order to proceed through the courts Fingal County Council needs to have a significant amount of reports in relation to particular residents. Residents were assured of confidentiality and it was confirmed that if information is passed to Fingal the person who passes on the information will never be identified or required to appear in court.These people know the legal system and will challenge everything so Fingal needs as much information as possible and the more reports in relation to a particular individual/family the better.All reports are followed up in the strictest confidence but the courts are very reluctant, especially in today’s housing environment, to evict a family.Statutory bodies very responsive but need substantive evidence of how persons behaviour affects other residents in the area.Confidentiality is paramount and no breech will take placeFingal County Council has spent significant millions of euros on improvements in the Corduff area.

You said There is a very small cohort of individuals, probably 5 or 6, consistently arrested for various crimes on numerous occasions. Crimes such as drug dealing, robbery etc. and Fingal needs to act against these tenancy


Fingal County Council and Gardaí meet on a regular basis in relation to information received in regards to anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in council estates. The Council can only act against their own tenants, even in council estates. Persons engaging in criminal activity who are not council tenants are a matter for the Gardaí.In order to gain a conviction which may lead to sentencing in the courts Fingal/Gardaí need hard evidence, even though this is extremely hard to come by they will nevertheless continue to work hard to get this evidence. As stated above the courts are very reluctant to make anyone homeless in today’s housing climate.

You said The motor bike that is consistently driven on the green space between Sheephill and Westway is being driven by the same person .


Gardaí were made aware of this motorbike two nights ago but need to see who the driver is. At this point we don’t know where the bike is being held but we have methods to find out. It is not possible for Gardaí or Fingal to get into a cat and mouse chase with motorbikes

You said The same behaviours: drug dealing, robbing and anti-social behaviour are being carried on by the same people over and over again


Drug dealing was brought up at a previous meeting, as a result Gardaí put a special operation in place which resulted in 18 people being brought before the courts

Garda Question: Has there been any noticeable improvement in policing in the area

Answer: No

You Said The main road running from Corduff Crescent to shops needs ramps to eliminate speeding.

Boulders in the area need to be removed, initial reason for placing them in current locations have passed. They now are only used for places to sit and drink etc. and attract lots of ASB.

Grass cutting need more attention to detail as large patches of uncut long grass undo all the good work


Fingal County Council Operations Dept. will look into the above

Community Representative:

Aaron Buckley presented himself for election to the position of community representative for Corduff on to the Board of Management of Safer Blanchardstown:

Aaron was un-opposed and was duly selected as community rep. for Corduff


Minutes from public meetings held in 2013
Mulhuddart (May Public meeting)

Wednesday 27th May 2015

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1. You said… the railings at Ladyswell Park should be extended as the gap is

encouraging anti-social behaviour, it is also used as an escape


2. You said… Railings for top of walls at No. 14A and No. 19 Nurseries to

prevent the area being used as a shortcut into Ladyswell Park.

3. You said… Issue re dumping at Traveller Accommodation in Parslickstown

is a cause of concern

4. You said… Ladyswell Park

* Have surveillance cameras been installed, two gangs now drinking in park due to improved weather conditions

* Access blocked off at top of park, was used by seniors to access the graveyard, also another incident were a resident felt intimidated/unsafe while walking in park and had no quick exit from park.

* Increase in number of bikes in park.

5. You said… Damastown/Clonee

Old Navan Road issue re dumping (reported on three occasions).

6. You said… Parslickstown

Footpaths at bungalows are a danger for seniors.

7. You said… Dromheath

First two ramps at entrance to estate too high.

8. You said… Parnell

* Additional speed ramps required for the estate, around playground area

* General increase in crime 25 cars broken into in one night (only 10 reported to Gardaí), houses & sheds broken into, bikes stolen.

9. You said… Castlecurragh

* Tree/shrubbery on footpaths a danger to children and seniors – Castlecurragh Vale

* Traveller family, issue re rubbish – Castlecurragh Vale.

10. You said… Wellview

Signage vandalised – can it be put back on walls.

Rubbish (fires also being lit) a huge issue re vacant 4 bed corner house

Blakestown/Mountview October 2015

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* Hash and weed smoking by young people continues to be a problem for parents, teachers and youth workers.

* Associated with this issue is the added problem of intimidation due to monies owed for drugs used/lost or given on tic.

* Anti-social behaviour is taking place on the MUGA and sometimes goes on all night

* Syringes have been found under flyover bridge during clean up

* NYP- concerns expressed re Garda response prior to recent murder – NYP to speak to Gardaí privately after meeting

* Horses and Motorbikes continue to be an issue in Whitechapel. Horses have not been reported in a while but Motorbike riding is on the increase.

* There can be anything from 1 to 3 bikes with young people about as young as 12 or 13 riding with no crash helmets on. These young people are a danger to themselves and others in the estate.

* Names of those involved to be passed to Council and Gardaí following meeting

Corduff (September Public meeting)

Minutes September 2015

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1. You said…..

Crime in the area is a concern especially burglaries

2. You said…..

There is a huge increase in the smoking of Weed by young people (12 to 18 year olds) in the Corduff area. When caught in possession, even after house searches, these young people are not being dealt with through the Juvenile Liaison Officer (JLO).

3. You said…..

What can be done about disruptive residents especially those persistently causing Anti-social Behaviour?

4. You said…..

Lights in Shop Car Park; more lights need to be placed in car park near the shops as its very dark at night

5. You said…..

A number of spillages have taken place in the Tolka in recent weeks which is causing a depilation in fish stock and deterring young people from engaging in the sport in the area.

6. You said…..

Safer Blanchardstown meetings need to be held more regularly

General Comments

> Acknowledgment: of Corduff FC for their support and work which was undertaken following the death of Ricky Osaige.

> Halloween: Gardaí raised alerts of this upcoming holiday and asked for everyone to be proactive in letting Gardaí know about any issues or potential problems in advance of the day.

> Meeting minutes are available on line after all meetings


Minutes from public meetings held in 2013
Mulhuddart (April Public meeting)

Notes re Public Meeting 23rd April, 2014

Garda Feedback – Concentrating on Wellview and Parnell (statistics available from Philip)

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In general there is an increase in crime in the Parnell estate, multiple cars broken into in one night, bikes stolen, house/shed break-ins, a neighbour watch scheme is to be developed.

Not everyone reports incidents as Gardaí are only aware of 10 incidents not 25, most important to report even the minor incidents.

Need to see if there is a spike, description of individual appears to be the same however not certain, can be identified (looking at CCTV).

Alarm is a deterrent must be turned on (92% don’t have alarms).

You said we listened Feedback:

Issue No. 01 Ladyswell Park (Fencing)

You said…residents requested that the railings at Ladyswell Park be extended as the gap is encouraging anti social behaviour, it is also used as an escape route.

We said…Clarification required as per Liam Burke (FCC)

Issue No. 02 Mulhuddart Priority Task Group

You said…Residents unfamiliar with Mulhuddart Priority Task Group and the consultation process, therefore they have requested a presentation from MPTG at next public meeting.

We said… Philip to give a short presentation on the group and the website.


Presentation by Philip in relation to Cyber Bullying … Respond & Prevent

Internet and social media are excellent tools if used correctly. Children can make contact with other people via phones, laptops, gaming devices etc. Talk and interact with your children, monitor what they are putting online.

* Bullying can occur through technology; rumours, gossip, posting photos without consent, stealing passwords etc., resulting in information acceleration.

* Take a screen shot of hurtful posts, don’t reply and report incidents to Gardaí or schools.

* It is very easy to become an online bully, there are consequences as a result of cyber bullying, can be a criminal offence, in extreme cases it has resulted in taking of own life.

* Numbers of friends is a huge concern to young people/children.

* There are security settings in place if you are not up to date with technology there are plenty of people who can advise you.

* Check privacy settings, are they giving away too much information (look ahead to the future, won’t always be 16yrs old).

* In relation to sexting one out of four girls experience consequences, also if under age this is considered child porn.

* Teach children to be smart about what they are posting. Paedophiles/predators are not necessarily an older person, children with a history are more likely to engage.

* Grooming signs may include: a lot of time spent on calls or online; turning away from family. Institute for Security, Privacy and Information Assurance (ISPIA) is a useful tool in relation to internet safety, there is also antivirus software and filtering programs available.

* It is important to communicate, monitor (inappropriate information) and report.

* Geo tagging gives GPS locations (global positioning), this can be switched off. Facebook places give individuals location.

Mulhuddart Priority Task Group

This is a multi-agency group which works in a more collaborative and task orientated way, identifying and progressing issues that have the potential to contribute and make a positive impact on the area. Its membership consists of both community and agency representation e.g. FCC, BAP, HSE, Gardaí, Local Drugs Task Force, Local Schools, Community Centre, Barnardos, Youth Services etc. The work of the group is area specific. Consultation with residents took place at a public meeting held on 4th October, 2012 the residents scored and prioritised the following ten issues, issues with the highest combined score will be prioritised by MPTG:

* Lack of activities/supports/services for U10’s and parents/guardians. (166)

* Very few residents actively engaged/involved in community. (100)

* Traffic safety concerns – speeding, crossings, ramps etc. (98)

* Ladyswell Park needs to improve appearance, feels unsafe, not being fully utilised. (96)

* Services for young people in the area continue to meet increasing demand. (83)

* Residents feeling under informed about issues/events/updates in their area. (63)

* Divisions, lack of trust/integration between new and old estates, tenancy type (FCC, other) diversity (Travellers, ethnic minorities, etc). (61)

* A small number of people persistently involved in anti-social activities. (59)

* High numbers of unemployed especially long-term and young. (59)

* High levels of harassment and intimidation. (31)

A new website is to be up and running in one month’s time see;

New Issues:

1. The Nurseries

You said…

* Signage for lampposts “Football Prohibited” – people will be advised that games may be played on the green areas only.

* Railings for top of walls at No. 14A and No. 19 to prevent area being used as a shortcut into Ladyswell Park.

* Query re untaxed/no NCT cars parked in and around area – to be removed or notice given to keep on private land/gardens.

2. Traveller Accommodation (behind Parslickstown Hse)

You said…

* Issue re dumping.

3. Ladyswell Park

You said…

* Have surveillance cameras been installed, two gangs now drinking in park due to improved weather conditions – check with Ruairi.

* Access blocked off at top of park, was used by seniors to access the graveyard, also another incident were a resident felt intimidated/unsafe while walking in park and had no quick exit from park.

* Increase in number of bikes in park.

4. Damastown/Clonee

You said…

* Old Navan Road issue re dumping (reported on three occasions).

5. Parslickstown

You said…

* Footpaths at bungalows a danger for seniors.

6. Dromheath

You said…

* First two ramps at entrance to estate too high.

7. Parnell

You said…

* Additional speed ramps required for the estate, around playground area (linked to finances).

* General increase in crime 25 cars broken into in one night (only 10 reported to Gardai), houses & sheds broken into, bikes stolen.

8. Castlecurragh

You said…

* Tree/shrubbery on footpaths a danger to children and seniors – Castlecurragh Vale (Duplex).

* Traveller family, issue re rubbish – Castlecurragh Vale.

* Drug dealing and quad bikes being used by both adults and children (other children unable to play out) – Castlecurragh Vale (houses facing main road).

9. Corduff

You said…

* Stones being thrown at buses No 38 & 38A – youths from football club.

10. Wellview

You said…

* Signage vandalised – can it be put back on walls.

* Rubbish (fires also being lit) a huge issue re vacant 4 bed corner house.

We said…As requested all the above points/issues raised by the residents to be forwarded to Liam Burke (FCC) via email (09/05/14).


* Motocross Club – in relation to noise reduction there was a delay re planting due to adverse weather conditions, however this is now complete. There is an issue in relation to insurance not sure how far along this issue is. The track can also be used as a BMX course. Once the club is up and running individuals can sign up but must adhere to the rules. Some plants have died off may need to be redone. There is a huge drive to improve the area, will work with individuals linking in with the residents group. In relation to children using other areas not designated for such activity e.g. the park try to find out where they are from, if the family is in council tenancy this can be discussed/addressed with a parent.

* Wellview is next for window and door replacements.

* Attendees encouraged to look out for/invest in their own particular community, this will also be promoted through the local newsletter.

* Annual Community Day – a planning meeting will take place in two weeks. This event is organised by the residents (civic responsibility) and supported by all agencies (as inclusive as is possible). It will incorporate a memorial football tournament with the final taking place that afternoon.

Blakestown/Mountview (May Public meeting)

Tuesday 13th May 2014

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1. You said… Hartstown Park

Groups hanging around the park drinking and engaging in anti-social behaviour

Proposals to remove the old containers in the middle of the park (update next meeting)

2. You said… Salmons Pub

The noise and people coming from Salmons public house from 2.30-3.30am is ongoing and getting worse

Bottles have been discarded by patrons of the pub then broken and left lying around potentially causing harm to young and old.

There is no license available that guarantees a late license for longer than one month Gardaí stated that they would have no problem objecting to the license and they would do so at the next opportunity. (update next meeting)

3. You said… Cleaning and Litter

Dumping in the back lanes in Whitechapel,

You would like to see Street cleaning to become more regular;

especially the removal of broken glass.

Residents stated the Sign at Fortlawn needs to be repainted and

cleaned up.

The cleaning truck which only goes as far as the Whitechapel community center;

needs to cover the whole estate.

Corduff (September Public meeting)

Tuesday 16th September 2014

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1. You said… Sheephill/Westway ASB

Anti-social activity is ongoing in the Sheephill/Westway area with the burning of people’s bins

2. You said…Speeding in the area is a cause of concern

Speeding in the Westway/Blackcourt Road/ areas also similar issues of kids throwing stones at cars in the Brookhaven area

3. You said…Tolka Valley not a safe place re attacks on people

Tolka Valley mugging and sexual assault have been reported in the area on a number of occasions lately

4. You said… Kissing gates Corduff Health centre

The floor of these gates need to be smoothed out as it is not possible to pass through the gates in a wheelchair due to uneven surface

5. You said… Litter in Corduff Lane/shops

The area around the shops and lane are covered in rubbish

6. You said… Phishing going on

Incidence of car keys being stolen from people’s houses: 3 burglaries in the recent past in the Brookhaven area.


Minutes from public meetings held in 2013
Mulhuddart (April Public meeting)

Mulhuddart Minutes 13-16


Notes re Public Meeting 24th April, 2013

Garda Kevin Flatly listed statistics (available from Philip)

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You said we listened Feedback:

Issue No. 01 New Bridge

You said…has no speed controls (ramps) on bridge itself, need some controls.

We said…engineer has assessed the road and bridge there are currently no plans to implement speed controls, no particular issue has been identified however they will continue to monitor the situation.

Issue No. 02 Grass Cutting & Non Collection

You said…cut grass is not being collected from footpaths within estates, why is the council allowed to do this on a continuous basis given the dangerous nature of wet grass.

We said…collection of cut grass was a big issue in 2012. Unfortunately the council don’t have facility or machinery, would not be viable given current staffing levels however additional sweepers have been deployed. Growth is a lot less in 2013 and council are on top of this issue, staff are to be more aware of areas that require cutting.

Issue No. 03 Bridge at Castlecurragh Park

You said…resident expressed concerns in relation to safety of gridding on walkway from Castlecurragh, extremely dangerous when wet as it becomes very slippery, residents also requested that the gridding be maintained and kept free from greenery.

We said…being monitored closely, as it is a flood plain the structure/gridding needs to allow water through. There are constraints with budgets but will look at other areas to see what is in place.

Issue No. 04 Flooding of park at Castlecurragh

You said…is anything being done to prevent this, is this being monitored by the Council?

We said…this issue has been dealt with, no complaints in past year.

Issue No. 05 Pedestrian Crossings

You said…pedestrian crossing required from Parnell and Avondale to bus stop.

We said…currently in the system, engineers compile a list and prioritise (this is on the list). Also looking to complete a path from Parnell estate to Damastown. In relation to special needs, need to come back with more information.

Issue No. 06 Parking re Schools

You said…This is still an issue, zigzag lines need to be repainted as they are not visible when wet, could church grounds be used to alleviate problem?

We said…still a huge problem not successful (going around in circles) will look at each school on an individual basis. In relation to the church grounds this option was looked at two years ago, there was a fear that the traffic issue would spill out on to the main road, wear and tear and associated costs was also an issue. In certain cases the issue is with the parents not the schools, in one instance parking was provided on a licensed premises but this was not availed off as it was a short distance

from the school. Recently there have been twelve incidents involving school wardens, it is an offence not to stop (1 penalty point). Currently there are a few ideas in the pipeline, the possibility of staggering school opening times is being considered, this system was successfully implemented in the UK, any other suggestions can be put on the Safer Blanchardstown website. A pilot system will be put in place and then rolled out.

Issue No. 07 Dogs & Vandalism in Avondale Park

You said…concerns re dogs roaming the area, pursuing children and youths, digging underneath fencing young people climbing under and vandalising cars.

We said…not sure whether this has been resolved, no one in attendance from Avondale, Philip to follow up.

Issue No. 08 Horses/Bikes

You said…provides a designated space/area for bike club, what about horses.

We said…both huge issues in the area. In relation to horses regulation proved successful in Dunsink, people are responsible for their own actions. In relation to bikes in the park there has been a deterioration since the last meeting (17/10/12), youths not from the Dromheath estate. The Motor Cross Club initiative is involved in ongoing consultation with the residents of the Parnell estate with Philip mediating. Access to the grounds is at specific times only i.e. Sunday afternoons. Noise levels are a huge factor, this is currently being monitored prior to noise abatement measures being implemented. The track may require modification however if residents are satisfied the project will progress to the next phase. It is important to note that this is not a race track. It is an opportunity for the youth to learn how to look after/maintain their bikes. They must adhere to rules and regulation, walk/push bikes to and from facility, they will be held accountable/responsible. On a positive note, levels of damage have decreased during the negotiation process.

Issue No. 09 Castlecurragh Speed Ramps

You said…there are no speed ramps on road at bend as you exit the estate through Warrenstown, particularly dangerous stretch of road, has already been a fatality here.

We said…currently on list however not sure where. There is signage to notify drivers of bend, Philip to link in with Ruairi.

Issue No. 10 Dromheath Shops

You said…cars continually parking on corner of shop, double yellow lines required.

We said…as above (same issue as schools).

Issue No. 11 Hedge on Church Road

You said…this is quite a dangerous stretch of road, can anything be done?

We said…working on plan for some time now from Tyrrelstown to Mulhuddart, people safely is a priority, quite radical thinning out of hedging/scrub is required. Clean up on cemetery side is also required, unfortunately nothing can or will be done in relation to dangerous bend.

Issue No. 12 Boulders in Ladyswell Park

You said…children will eventually be hurt as they are uneven on the top and children are continually running/playing on them. Is there an overall plan for the area?.

Issue No. 13 Dumping in Ladyswell Park

You said…a lot of work has been carried out in the park however there is a problem with weeds growing between railings and boulders. The park is full of rubbish once again. Names have been given on who is dumping however there appears to be no follow up, also individuals are charging for rubbish collections and then dumping in this area.

We said re issues 12 & 13…over the coming years hedge planting will enable continual removal of boulders. The trees that were planted by the children have not yet been damaged/vandalised however a clean up is required. In relation to the bikes hopefully the Motor Cross Club will alleviate this issue. With the construction of a new car park (located centrally), the provision of a soccer pitch and the possibility of a Gaelic pitch hopefully this will bring people/clubs back into the park. There is no overall plan at the moment.

Issue No. 14 Community Garda

You said…are these specifically designated posts?

We said…yes they are fulltime positions:

* There is a lot of interaction with residents, in relation to a murder enquiry with a successful outcome Garda thanked residents for their cooperation re house to house enquiries. Residents were also commended for the involvement re the successful granting of an exclusion order.

* Operation Acer, in relation to break-ins access was gained through open or unlocked front doors, another gained access to an apartment block via the intercom system. Information is available on the stand or website.

* Register bikes in the event of a theft they can be traced.

* Necessity to distinguish between theft and robbery (by force).

* Importance of neighbours to watch out for one another.

Issue No. 15 Safer Blanchardstown

You said…does Safer Blanchardstown actually work?

We said…work in progress; consultation has taken place with residents and priorities have been identified.


Presentation by Philip in relation to Private Residential Tenancy Board (PRTB)

New Issues:

1. Ladyswell Park (Fencing)

You said…residents requested that the railings be extended as the gap is encouraging anti social behaviour, it is also used as an escape route.

We said…Ruairi to look at this.

2. Mulhuddart Priority Task Group

You said…Residents unfamiliar with this group and the consultation process, therefore they have requested a presentation from MPTG at next public meeting.

We said…Philip to address this issue with members of the MPTG at next meeting (07/05/13).


* Ray Wilders encouraged residents to get involved, he also promoted the great work done by and support received from both Fingal County Council and the Garda. He also encouraged residents of smaller estates to work with neighbouring estates.

* Fingal County Council is available for advice (Janet Ivers – Community Office), they will provide committee skills training in Tyrrelstown mid-May.

* Caroline Murphy was elected as Mulhuddart Community Rep for Safer Blanchardstown.

Corduff (April Public meeting)

Minutes of meeting 14th September 2013

Present: Ruairi O’Dulaing Fingal County Council, Operations

Ann Lorrigan Fingal County Council, Housing

Inspector Michael Lynch, Gardaí

Sergeant Vincent Connolly, Gardaí

Gda Niall Behan, Gardaí

Phillip Keegan (Chair)

Philip Jennings (Facilitator)

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You said…the barbed wire on Corduff Shops is an eyesore that makes the place look filthy


The owner of the shops feels that it is both a financial and security issue. With residents now living there it was for their protection. It was acknowledged however that this has been an ongoing eyesore and bone of contention for many years in the area and still no satisfactory outcome.

Safer Blanchardstown to follow up

You said… The wet grass on paths after cutting last year was slippery, dangerous and filthy looking


This now seems a distant memory as it was not an issue this year due to the excellent summer. Machines don’t facilitate gathering the grass and in light of the many acres the council has to cut collecting and disposing of such large quantities of grass is an impossibility

3. You said…Derelict Building on Old Corduff Road is attracting a lot of ASB


This issue has been resolved with the house now knocked, the site levelled and secure fencing in place

4. You said… Used needles found in the area


The Mulhuddart/Corduff Community Drug Team stated that there were seven calls outs re needles being found in the D15 Area over the last couple of years. Some time ago it was reported that needles had been found at the Corduff shops. The CDT investigated this, and followed up with a search of the area at 7:00am on Monday morning. Apart from evidence of alcohol use there were no drug paraphernalia found.

Needles were found at the name stone for Corduff Grove/Park however these were dispensed with within an hour by the community drug team on being contacted by resident. Resident was happy with this response

5. You said… There is an increase in Smoking of Weed by young people in the area and this is a cause of grave concern


One of the Garda responses is to stop and search individuals to try an interrupt the movement of drugs in the area. A couple of non-locals were found in possession of cannabis herb. The consequences for young people found in possession of cannabis are that parents are informed. This could then be followed up by arrest or informal caution. It was acknowledged that Corduff Drug issues were no greater or less than other communities.

Open day in Garda Station a great success

6. You Said… Parking at shops and in the estate by ITB students and staff still remains an issue


Overspill into locality largely due to an increase of some 200 students. Discussion took place; Issues of clarity need to be sought with regard to what’s legal and not. Suggestions re pay and display were thought not to be feasible in the long run as was double yellow lines. Local councillors and community reps are still liaising on the matter

7. You said… The speed of House turnaround is very slow


There are 9 vacant boarded up houses at present in Corduff. Residents need to be re-assured re transparency and clarity of Fingal County Councils housing policy as residents are not aware of what the policy is, this leads to feelings of disenfranchisement. The fear locally is that this will lead to Racism with Racist Graffiti already emerging. The residents association feel that clustering of non-Irish nationals by F.C.C was not a good idea.

Some initiatives are being worked on at the moment with regard to integration by a local integration group established to reduce isolation and increase inclusion and participation

8. You said…Selling of illegal cigarettes.


Gardaí followed through on this but there didn’t appear to be an issue.

9. You said…Green Space at Sheephill/Westway re community Garden


This issue has been resolved by the initiative being transferred to Corduff Resource Centre where a garden will be established on the grounds of the Centre. Roisin Devoy B.A.P gave input for plans for the Garden. This will involve local volunteer gardening enthusiasts’ planting veg, fruit trees etc. on the grounds of the centre with the aim of having affordable accessible and sustainable food for all and promoting the idea of community gardening.


Minutes from public meetings held in 2012
Mulhuddart (March Public Meeting)

Public Meeting 6th March 2012 Mulhuddart Community Centre.
May 21st, 2012 | Author: REporter1
Safer Blanchardstown
Public Meeting
6th March 2012
Mulhuddart Community Centre.

Download a PDF version

Chair: Ann Osbourne (Mulhuddart LCPF)
Panel: Rory O’Dulaing Fingal County Council (Parks)
Liam Burke & Gene Griffin Fingal County Council (Housing/Estate management)
Inspector John Kelly & Sergeant Vincent Connelly Blanchardstown Gardaí
Issues/ Problems carried over from June 2010 meeting.

1. You said…you were angry and frustrated with lack of action in relation to Ladyswell Park.
During the first phase of redevelopment of the park Fingal County Council worked with the Gardaí and Local Residence to develop a plan for the park. Trees were planted and the children from Ladyswell National School were fully involved. The grass has now been entered on to the grass cutting timetable and will be on a regular basis. Family days and sports days have been successfully held in the park and more a planned for 2012. The Council also approached local sports clubs with a view to using the park and St Peregrines GAA club are to begin training local children. Work continues to identify a local soccer club to make the park their home base. Pathways are being constructed in the park and very soon parents will be able to go for walks around the park. However dumping is an ongoing problem in the park and residents are asked to report those selfish residents engaging in this behaviour.
2. You said…youths drinking in the area were a big problem.
Gardaí continue to identify and target hotspots where youth congregate to drink. Alcohol is always confiscated from young people and their names are taken. Parents are then visited and if necessary dealt with through the JLO system. In addition Gardaí regularly meet with Fingal County Council and exchange information in relation to any anti-social behaviour resulting form youths drinking
Each off licence in the area is visited at least once a week by Gardaí and test purchasing is regularly carried out in the Mulhuddart area. None of the licenced premises tested so far in Mulhuddart has fail when tested. Parents need to be aware of where their children are in the evening and what they are up to. Adults purchasing alcohol on behalf of young people is a cause for concern.
3. You said…Garda visibility is poor/not putting enough resources into the area.
There are two community Gardaí assigned to Mulhuddart where other areas have only one. As part of the Garda prioritisation of Mulhuddart in response to the findings in the Community Safety Survey operations RAPID & Endeavour saw targeted checkpoints in Mulhuddart resulting in over 60 stop searches of cars with a number of vehicles being impounded. Also on Monday afternoons between 1:30pm and 2:30pm there is a Garda clinic in the Community Centre. In addition to the community Gardaí on mountain bikes we have marked and unmarked patrol cars in the area. Residents should be assured that even if you cant see them the Gardaí are there but we will always need to look at how best to use our resources.
4. You said…that there is a lack of feed back from agencies.
Garda/Council feedback is through a variety of ways for example; the local community Garda clinics 1.30 – 2.30pm every Monday. These clinics, though not well attended, provide a couple of services e.g. driver/ motor tax forms, confidential meeting with community Garda in a room available in the centre. At the Wellview Residences Association meeting each month Fingal County Council and Gardaí give regular feedback and note other issues residents may wish to raise.
Residents should note that the best way to stay informed and have your say is by joining your local residents association.
Agencies provide feedback at Safer Blanchardstown public meetings, on its web-site, through a data base of resident’s contacts and Facebook. A new online tracking system of issues raised at public meetings is being developed and should be operational very soon. Public meeting format has been changed to include all service providers in the area attending to provide information and feedback on their particular programmes.

Issues raised in June 2011

1. You said…intimidation is a big problem.
Intimidation/harassment continues to be a problem and Fingal County Council and the Gardaí work closely with other agencies to try to tackle and resolve the issue. One significant factor in relation to this issue is that it is only a small minority of residents who engage in this behaviour. Fingal County Council has been proactive in tackling this issue and has secured exclusion orders form Mulhuddart for two of the main offenders upon their release from prison. Although these individuals have been seen in the area since their release they have been re-arrested and brought back to court.
It is recognised that this issue is very difficult to resolve as the law states that a person reporting being intimidated must be prepared to stand up in court and point out their tormentor. However it is very important that residents suffering intimidation contact Fingal County Council or the Gardaí in confidence and give them as much detail as possible so that the authorities are at least aware of who is engaging in this sort of behaviour.
2. You said…fear & intimidation is stopping people becoming more involved in their community.
The level of complaints received by the Gardaí is down since May / June last year. A strong contributory factor to this may be the two individuals mentioned above being in jail. Complaints received are in the main around vandalism/ criminal damage but all complaints are followed through by the Gardaí and Fingal County Council.
In addition Fingal County Council will always investigate complaints of anti-social behaviour.
The number of residents now in the local Residents Associations has increased but more members are needed. The best way to reduce fear and increase the quality of life for the whole community is by becoming an active member of the local Residents Association.
3. You said you were angry and frustrated with a lack of action.
Because of the nature of some of the issues raised with the Council, Gardaí and a Safer Blanchardstown Public Meetings the issues need to be dealt with on an individual and confidential basis. However as stated already a lot of work has been done and is visible in the area. The development of the park has contributed to the increasing use by residents of the park as local public amenity. Youths drinking are constantly targeted and any related anti-social behaviour investigated and necessary actions taken. Mulhuddart has been prioritised by many agencies and extra resources have been earmarked.
Feedback from partner agencies has been facilitated by changing the format of public meetings to bring more agencies to the table. Intimidation and harassment are high on the Council/Garda agenda and is constantly monitored and responded to. Fingal County Council continues to promote/work with Resident Associations and works hard to increase participation and engagement of local residents
4. You said…ASB is on the rise with gangs hanging round at all hours of the night.
Gardaí will continue to identify and target areas where gangs are hanging around. Those who do not live in the area will be told to move on, those who live in the area, depending on the time, will be told to go home. The names of these individuals will be taken and homes will be visited, where appropriate the names will be passed to Fingal County Council. It is important that residents continue to report incidents of anti-social behaviour to Fingal County Council giving as much information as possible.
6. You said …you were concerned about cards being driven at speed at all hours of the night.
Gardaí introduced dedicated check points in response to this issue. When cars are stopped the occupants need to confirm ownership of car. If there is any suspicion the car will be impounded until ownership is established. Blanchardstown Garda station has a dedicated traffic unit and will always respond.
If people are blocking driveways at school pick up and drop off times affected residents should take the registration number of the offending car and pass on to Gardaí. If Fingal County Council put double yellow lines in the area then all residents will suffer as they(yellow lines) will remain active at all other times of the day and at weekends. It is important to note that this is a problem all over Blanchardstown and not just in Dromheath.
5. You said…that together we need to tackle ASB at an earlier stage.
Close contact exists between Gardaí and Fingal County Council in relation to tackling anti-social behaviour; other agencies are also involved with the aim of addressing this issue at the earliest possible stage.
For example Garda/ Fingal County Council working with FAI, Traveller group, with other meetings specific to this issue ongoing.
Gangs drug dealing in House.
Contact community Garda, residence association.
7. You said…empty houses should be turned around as soon as possible and breaches of tenancy enforced.
About 16 of the 600 Council houses in Mulhuddart or 2.6% are Vacant dwellings and are boarded up.
9 or 10 of these have been vacant long-term with 2 / 3 tenancy agreements having been breached others are due to Transfers and a couple of residents have left due to intimidation.
Some people have expressed an interest; some of these houses have been allocated and should be occupied within the next couple of months. The hold up in re-letting was due to repair work which s a slow process due to the conditions lay down by Local Government department. The Council is looking at a new framework which should reduce time going to tender. Grants received for the work on vacant dwellings comes through the department of the environment for windows and heating. At this time there is no funding available to replace the windows in the older homes
New issues for 2012:
You said…a number of youths hanging around not attending school with no supervision is seen as a problem.
Is this a school issue?
You said…regular party’s being held in a house on Wellview Ave (number supplied to Gardaí), Gardaí called 3/4 times in one night with Loud music, smashing bottles, urinating, getting sick and fighting in garden involving up to 20 youths
You said… Lot of drinking by young people in Tolka Valley Park by young people shouting and smashing
bottles this spills over into Castlecurragh estate and has been going on for past 26years

You said… a lot of cars were damaged in Castlecurragh which was a result of youths drinking in Tolka Valley Park. The gate into the park is not closed at times specified and youths use the walkway through
Castlecurragh on their way home.

You said….young people have been observed injecting on the steps leading into Tolka Valley Park at 6.00pm in the evening.

You said… up to 13 motor bikes are being driven in the fields behind Parnell Estate from 8am to 6pm. there is bikes at one time. Resident has been in touch with Fingal County Council and feels she is being
fob off.

You said…houses are being burgled with burglars looking for Gold/ jewellery.
Action: Bring as a recommendation to the Joint Policing Committee appropriate legislation: re unregulated
You said.. that the Tolka Valley Park form the Shanty Car Park up to Goodwin’s builders providers is full of house hold and commercial rubbish.
You said…you wanted to know what is being done with the old bridge across the Tolka River
General Comments made at meeting:

Fingal County council would like to thank residents for getting in touch with them as sharing information is very helpful and important to the success of any intervention. If a person does not feel comfortable speaking at an open forum you can contact Fingal County Council directly.

Facilitator stated that people working together is very important in building safer communities and improving the quality of life for residents. An important support for the community coming together can be found in Residence Associations. This is where the Council and Gardaí come together with residents and plan how residents would like their estate to look and how their community should be policed.
Residents are encouraged to look to volunteer in your community.


Minutes from public meetings held in 2011
Mulhuddart (June Public Meeting)

Safer Blanchardstown public Meeting.2 Mulhuddart June 14th 2011

Download A PDF Version

  1. 0Present:
Liam Burke-                Fingal County Council


Ann Marie Farrelly-    Fingal County Council

Sarah Moonan –           Fingal County Council

Insp John Kelly –         Gardaí

Sgt Vincent Connelly- Gardaí

Breffni O’Rourke-       RAPID (Chair)

Philip Jennings-           Safer Blanchardstown (Facilitator)

2. 0 Welcome

2.1 Cha 2.1Chair welcomed everyone, presented list of issues from

3.0 Rules

last meeting and informed residents that Fingal County Council

and Gardaí would present a progress report for the last 12 mths.

Chair paid the meetings respect to the late Brian Lenihan TD, RIP

Phillip informed residents of the rules of the meeting and made a brief presentation on behalf of Mulhuddart Community Youth Project entitled “Crime-watch Mulhuddart” and introduced their Car Restoration Project

4.0 Garda




4.1 Insp J Kelly informed residents of new Garda Superintendent ,Pat Calvin


4.2 There are four (4) community Gardaí assigned to the Mulhuddart area.

4.3 Extra Gardaí  on duty at Halloween  and this had a very positive affect

4.4 Operation Rapid was launched in the Mulhuddart area and involved higher

visibility, increased  patrols, check points, searches and stopping of known

suspects. The operation was planned for a 10/12 day period but will

continue into July in Mulhuddart

4.5 The Garda clinic in the community centre will also meet in local school so

that parents dropping/picking up children at school can speak to Gardaí  if

they wish.

4.6 In order to  address residents issues relating to phone not being answered in

the station a full time receptionist has been employed 9 to 5, to answer the phone

during office hours.

4.7 The number of calls to Blanchardstown Station are 20% higher then other


4.8 There is a new processing and dispatch system in place which should

improve response times


4.10 Statistics:

Drugs seized:  Arrests made, charges brought

Check points: Arrest of drink driver during bank holiday

Clothing collection: Van stopped and search

Criminal damage: Person charged

Buzzardstwon House broken windows: 2 youths caught on CCTV

Tyrrelstown assault on Taxi driver: 4 youths charged

Wellview assault on lady:  Arrest made

Stabbing incident: Arrest made

Firearm discharge: Arrest made & file sent to DPP

Information from local residents lead to arrest

4.11 Any person before the courts can apply for and get bail, it is entirely at the

discretion of the judge on the day.

4.12 Gardaí need sufficient information and more importantly evidence in order

to reduce the chance for offenders, especially repeat offenders, in getting


5.0 Fingal County Council Report

5.1 Liam Burke Fingal County Council Housing/Community gave a


Presentation on  policy and responsibility

5.2     Copies of Fingal County Council ASB Strategy were made available for residents but copies had already been delivered to every home in Council housing estates.

5.3     FCC works with the Garda and local residents through the various committees and agencies in the area to provide help and support with issues and plans for improving the area.

5.4     Work has been done in relation to cars driving too fast by having ramps on the roads.

5.5     The parks dept has been working with residents and the local school and community project in relation to reclaiming the park. Planting days and clean ups were arranged.

5.6     Community games were held and a family day was also organized.

5.7     FCC acknowledged the work, help and support from local residents and agencies in making this happen.

5.8     The works are continuing in the park and the hope is to return the football clubs and youth groups back into the park.

5.9     Works carried out in Wellview were high quality and up grading will continue

5.10   It is tenant’s responsibility to paint walls and replace windows

5.11   House painting is on a rota system

5.12   Removal of rubbish from vacant houses and gardens will be carried out.

5.13 Grass verges will be cut by Fingal County Council.

6.1     People angry and frustrated

6.0 Responses form residents

6.2     Calls for Fingal County Council to fix their homes not plant trees were echoed in the room.

6.3 Lots has been done by FCC and Gardaí  but the level if intimidation and fear

is a barrier for residents participating in their community.

6.4 ASB in Mulhuddart is higher then other areas of Blanchardstown.

6.5 Need to collate info on perpetrators in Mulhuddart and target these individuals

6.6   Turn around empty houses ASAP so that they do not become magnets for ASB

6.7 No out of hours service in FCC but Mulhuddart needs one

6.8 FCC need to look at breaches of tenancy with residents and enforce their policy

relation to such breaches

6.9 Tyrrelstown have same problems but on a smaller scale

6.10 It is important to ring and report all ASB to the FCC/Gardaí and give as much

detail as   you can.

6.11 People’s confidence is at an all time low.

6.12  Issues of ASB and intimidation are escalating

6.13 Some residents have been forced to leave their homes due to fear and a feeling of

getting nowhere,

6.14 There is a lack of services and agencies working together

6.15 There is a lot of intimidation and fear in all areas of Mulhuddart including the

Nurseries and Parslickstown Court

6.16 ASB is on the rise with gangs hanging around

6.17 Cars driving at speed all hours of day and night spreading fear in the community

6.18  It was suggested that a CCTV system in Mulhuddart would alleviate a lot of the

problems in the area



7.1 Nuala Kane Mulhuddart LCDP Project committed to working with FCC, Garda

and local residents to help build community participation and relationships.

7.2 Vincent Wellview Green HSE: Wellview engage with many young people and their

families experiencing ASB. The affects ASB has on children is hugely important

this is real for these families. Agencies need to be aware of this to stand together

and unite against ASB

7.3  There are residents groups and they need to work together to help community have

a stronger voice

Phillip passed meeting back to Chair who thanked all present & closed meeting



Minutes from public meetings held in 2010
Corduff (July Public Meeting)

Public forum Meeting Corduff Tuesday 13th July 2010

Public forum Meeting

Download A PDF Version


Tuesday 13th July 2010


Present: Chairperson Philip Keegan


Facilitator Philip Jennings

Gardaí: Inspector John Kelly

Garda Niall Phelan,

Garda Sinéad Ní Mhuircheartaigh


Fingal County Council:

Gene Griffin, Housing Dept.

Ruairi O’Dulaing. Parks Dept

Tommie McManus, Transportation Dept

Corduff Community Rep: Alan Byrne

In Attendance: Cllr Kieran Dennison,

Cllr Dave McGuinness

Cllr Pat Nulty

Minute taker: Garda Sinéad Ní Mhuircheartaigh

APOLOGIES: Breffni O’Rourke, Chair Safer Blanchardstown

Attendance: 30-35

1.0 Introduction:

Philip Keegan gave a brief overview of the meetings to date and of the issues raised at the last meeting held in Corduff (November 2009) which included:

–                      Garda Response times

–                      Increase in Burglaries

–                      Drug dealing in Sheephill

–                      Vacant Houses in Sheephill

–                      Drinking Corduff Laneway

–                      Lack of engagement with Resident Associations

Chair asked Council and Gardaí to address progress on these issues in their report. Chair handed meeting over to Philip Jennings.

Philip explained the rules of the meeting and stressed the importance that no names are given publicly. People are encouraged to voice their concerns and issues during the meeting but to speak privately to Fingal County Council and the Gardaí  after the meeting  if they have any confidential information they wish to pass on.

2.0 Garda Report

2.1 Inspector Kelly introduced himself and new Community Gardaí Sinéad &

Niall who have recently been assigned to the Corduff area.

2.2 Crime statistics for the Corduff area from 1/1/10 to 31/6/10 were gone through

as follows.

2.3 There have been 14 burglaries in this period, according to statistics this type of

crime has decreased by 15% and is relatively low compared to the wider

Blanchardstown area.

2.4 There was one case of aggravated burglary where the culprit entered a home

by force and caused distress to occupants.  With the cooperation of the

Community the culprit was apprehended shortly after the incident.  Inspector

Kelly commended the residents involved in assisting the Gardaí on that night.

2.5 There have been a number of Public Order incidents along with persons

Arrested for Drug possession and sale and supply of same in the Corduff area

during this period.  These persons are currently being dealt with through the


2.6 The amount of persons, vehicles and premises searched under the relevant

legislation has increased since the beginning of the year by Gardaí in the

Corduff area in general.

2.7 Anti-social behaviour in the laneway behind the shops is ongoing and a cause

of concern for residents living in the vicinity and people passing down the

lane Gardaí  are working with Fingal County Council and other partners to

address this ongoing issue.

2.8 The e-mail address for community Gardaí is if residents wish to contact Gardaí or provide information through the email they are welcome to do so.

3.0 Feedback from residents to Garda report


3.1 Residents welcomed Garda Report

4.0 Issues for Gardaí

4.1 Can or do the Gardaí monitor the CCTV around the lane in Corduff


4.2 The issue of the length of time it takes the Gardaí to Respond to calls to the station was raised and residents stated that sometimes Gardaí fail to respond at all.


4.3 Residents wished to know if there is a Garda clinic in the area and if so where

is it held and at what time.

4.4 Residents stated that there are identifiable areas or “hot spots” of anti-social

behaviour in the area that have been well reported in the past and wished to

know is there nothing that can be done about this?


4.5 What Can the Gardaí do about the amount of young people drinking in the



4.6 It was reported that a gang of children were getting into the Sports Centre at

night when it is locked up as it is easy to climb under the gates.  Residents

concerned for safety of children and wish for this to be monitored and the

possibility of further securing gates surrounding the Centre to deter this to be



5.0 Garda Response:

5.1 Talks are underway to link the CCTV monitoring feed into Blanchardstown

Garda Station. This should improve detections and prevent further public

order issues arising in the vicinity

5.2 New procedures are in place to improve Garda Response times.  All calls are

prioritised in terms of the most serious incident, Gardaí are often directed to

deal with the more pressing matter first.  Often an unmarked car deals with

incidents and residents do not realise this.  Measures are in place to improve

this further.

5.3 The Garda clinic is held in the Corduff Sports Centre, Corduff every

Tuesday evening 7pm-8pm. Gardaí are looking to see if they can improve

this service to the community. For instance, if there is a demand for persons

needing passports signed this may be dealt with at the clinic. It was suggested

that the Garda Clinic could be advertised in the Insight Magazine that is

delivered across homes in RAPID areas of Blanchardstown. Gardaí will

look into this with distributors of the magazine.

5.4 Often these “hot spot” problems are dealt with by Gardaí in a particular area

and the problem then moves to a different area.  Information from the

community is always welcomed in reporting anti-social behaviour in the area.



5.5 Fingal on the spot fines has been issued by Community Gardaí since the beginning of July 2009. Other youths involved in this behaviour under the age of 18 have been dealt with by way of JLO.



5.6 Action: Philip to contact sport’s Centre in relation to securing gates.


Inspector Kelly invited any persons at the meeting who wish to speak with Gardaí after the meeting confidentially or otherwise are welcome to do so.

6.0 Fingal County Council Report:

6.1 Gene Griffin provided the following report and up date from last meeting

6.2 Reports regarding the grease coming from vents behind Chinese Takeaway

needs to be dealt with by HSE or Dept of environment. This is not an issue for

Fingal County Council.

6.3 Any reports of criminal behaviour in Council Houses that come to the attention

of Fingal County Council are reported immediately to Gardaí.


6.4 Anti-social behaviour taking place in Corduff lane was examined with a view to

closing the lane to prevent such behaviour.  However strong representations

were made against closing the laneway and for reasons of access the laneway

will remain as is.

6.5 CCTV monitoring for the laneway is to be reviewed.

6.6 Proposals for closure of the steps area where people congregate will need

further consultation. The removal of overgrown shrubs in the area at the top of

the lane is also under consideration.

6.7 Litter pick is done by Fingal Co. Co. every 7 days in Corduff.  Due to budget

restraints this may reduce, this area gets more litter picks than other areas.

6.8 The Council would encourage the community to assist in keeping their own

areas tidy.

6.9 Some programme of works projects were affected by cutbacks. However

housing maintenance funding was not cut back and projects continue as


6.10 There are 5 dwellings vacant in Corduff at the moment, none are vacant in


7.0 Feedback from Fingal County Council report


7.1 Residents welcomed Fingal County Council report


8.0 Issues for Fingal County Council:

8.1 The issue of horses in the area was raised by young people in the audience

who were concerned about the manner in which horses were being impounded

and the cost of having them returned.

8.2 A request was made by adults in the audience for facilities for children in the

area to keep horses for example a Pony Club to be established in the area in

which to learn about animal welfare and to keep horses.

8.3 Some residents were concerned about the safety issues around horses being

tethered on public open space.

8.4 Residents of Corduff Park were particularly irate and annoyed at having been

made to wait for approximately 10years for the Council to honour an

agreement they claim was made when their houses were being turned around

in Corduff Park.

8.5 Residents maintain they were promised that their initial front door would be

replaced by a proper back door as the final part of the turnaround process.

8.6 Residents were particularly incensed by this issue as they maintain that many

promises made in this regard have been broken.

8.7 Residents stated that reports made through their residents association of the

doors at present being in a poor state of repair and a security hazard have

been completely ignored.

8.8 Residents believe that present budgetary conditions should not account for

lack of progress on this issue as they were informed in the beginning that the

money to complete the turnaround was earmarked or ring-fenced.


9.0 Fingal County Council response:

9.1 In the past 4 to 5 weeks Fingal County Council has been receiving complaints

relating to horses being tied up on public open space from residents in the area.

The public are asking the Council to take action on this matter. The Control of

Horses legislation is to be utilised and there is an onus on the Council to act on

complaints received.

9.2 Residents are worried about the safety of their children and the damage to the

green spaces done by horses.

9.3 Horses will only be returned upon the payment of the appropriate fine along

with  proof of facilities to look after the animal’s welfare properly. Elected

Local and Community representatives are willing to work with the young people

concerned and adult volunteers within the community to investigate the

possibility of   developing properly run and supervised facilities for horses.

9.4 Gene stated that he was unaware of any agreement having been

made and said that he would check this out and get pack to residents.

9.5 Gene explained about current financial position within Fingal County Council

and the many calls on this limited budget not just form Blanchardstown but from

across the county. He is not sure if money has been put aside for the

replacement of front doors to back doors in Corduff Park

9.6 Gene said he is not aware of any promises been made or broken and he assured

Residents that Fingal County Council is not in the business of breaking promises made.

9.7 Gene again assured residents that their concerns were not being ignored and that he  will check with Council rep on Residents Association and reply to residents through their residents associations.

9.8 Gene said that he would check and see if any ring fencing or earmarking of

funds has been arranged and will inform residents of the current position

through their residents association

9.9 Cllr Patrick Nulty stated that although he understood residents anxiety it is local

County Councillors, not council staff, who are responsible for the setting of budgets within the Council. Council staff agree to work after hours, with no overtime payment, to come to public meetings. It is unfair for them to have to try to answer question of this nature which relate to substantive budget allocations.

9.10 Gene welcomed representations on Corduff Lane directly or via Councillors.

10.0 Close

10.1 Philip thanked the Scouts for the use of the hall for this evenings meeting and again reminded residents that the Gardaí and Fingal County Council will make themselves available if residents wish to speak to them confidentially. The audience were also reminded of the Dial to Stop Drug Dealing confidential number and encouraged to use the number to report suspicious activity.

10.2 Philip passed meeting back to chair.

10.3 Chair thanked Residents, Community reps, Garda and Council partners for participation and support. Chair assured audience that issues would be followed up by relevant agencies and feedback would be provided locally on progress.


Blakestown Mountview (October Public Meeting)

Public Forum Meeting Blakestown/Mountview Tuesday 5th October 2010

Download A PDF Version

Present: Chair: Breffni O Rourke


Facilitator: Philip Jennings


Gardaí: Inspector John Kelly

Sergeant Nicola Brady

2 Community Gardaí


Fingal County Council Ruairi O’Dulaing (Parks)


Apologies: Paul Donnelly Safer Blanchardstown Community Rep


Minute taker: Tanya Brunt (Blakestown CDP)


In attendance: Cllr Matt Waine


Attendance: 20-25


1.0 Introductions:

Breffni O Rourke opened meeting by welcoming all present. Chair related to meeting the main issues which arose when last public meeting took place in Blakestown/Mountview area (Sept 09) i.e.

  • Drug taking & Dealing,
  • Reports of licence breeches
  • Restructuring of Garda Clinics
  • Careless parking at schools
  • Illegal dumping & skips
  • Graffiti
  • Scrambler bikes in public open spaces

Chair asked Council and Gardaí to address progress on these issues in their report. Chair handed meeting over to Philip.


Philip explained the rules of the meeting to people and stressed the importance that no names may be given publicly. People are encouraged to voice their concerns and issues during the meeting but to speak in private to Fingal County Council and the Gardaí after the meeting if they have any confidential information they wish to pass on.


2.0 Garda report:


2.1 Inspector Kelly reported to the meeting that there are now 20 Gardaí and 2 sergeants

at present in the Community Policing section

2.2 Gardaí remain 100% committed to community policing and to tackling issues

identified by members of the community.

2.2 In order to facilitate this there has been a

restructuring of roster working times in the community policing unit which has

proven to be beneficial in tackling issues and in increasing Garda presence in all


2.4 License inspections are more frequent in Blanchardstown than any other area.

2.5 Junior cert night was calmer than normal. This was due in no small part to the Gardaí

pro-actively calling in to each off-licence advising them to be aware that young

people may try to purchase alcohol. Gardaí also warned licensees that they would be

watching closely for any breeches of the liquor licensing Act.

2.6 A plan is in place for Halloween and Gardaí are working closely with Fingal County

Council to reduce the number of bonfires this year

2.7 Over the past 3 months records prove a drop in arrests and although cutbacks have

been made the community police remain committed to their work.


3.0 Feedback from residents to Garda Report


3.1 Residents welcomed Garda Report


4.0 Issues for Gardaí


4.1 Bottles are continuously being broken on Fortlawn Avenue, across from Salmons

Public House and Off-licence by youth drinking (Underage Drinking); this has now

led to breaking windows of houses.


4.2 People underage are being sold alcohol. It was suggested that the off licenses use a

bag system where bags are coded and off licenses can be identified.


4.3 Residents reported that Drugs are being sold in the field on Fortlawn Avenue and that

syringes have been found in the bushes at the entrance to Blakestown senior school

on a number of occasions. (Residents to speak to Gardaí in private after meeting)


4.4 Young person produced sharp weapon (Knife) on an adult in Hillbrook Woods. Can

young people be searched?


4.5 Illegal and Careless Parking at Schools and on public pavements adjacent to schools

is a continuous problem for residents living close to schools in the area.


4.6 Burglaries that are taking place in the area seem to be seasonal and with the

transition from autumn to winter and darker evenings & nights residents are

concerned that burglaries will increase.


4.7 Fireworks are becoming an increasingly worrying problem for neighbours as they

sound like bombs going off and can do a lot of damage if put through a letter box. A

house in Sheepmore had a window broken after a firework was thrown at the house.


4.8 Bullets fired at house in Fortlawn was possibly a mistaken identity (resident to speak

to Gardaí in private after meeting)

5.0 Garda Response


5.1 Garda will investigate and monitor Underage Drinking in the area and try to catch

the culprits who are breaking bottles in the area


5.2 The Bag System was initiated in another area and proved to be a success although the

initiative did have its limitations. Gardaí are looking at different ideas and options

for the Blanchardstown area one of which is to encourage the National Age Card as

the only form of identification at point of sale.


5.3 Gardaí will pass on information relating to selling of drugs to their drugs unit who

will investigate thoroughly Philip will inform Blakestown/Mountview Community

Drugs Team of the reported needle find and insure that they are fully aware of the



5.4 Gardaí are unable to search young children under the age of 12. But if they have

reason to believe a particular child needs to be searched or is carrying an offensive

weapon such as a knife, they will be brought to the station along with their parents

and will be searched.


  • Gardaí are involved in an ongoing initiative to tackle this issue which targets

Careless Parking at Schools on a rotating, though random basis. This is in order not

to allow those who park illegally to be able to predict when Gardaí will target any

particular school. Any car found to be blocking footpaths or driveways will be



  • Gardaí said that they continue to successfully combat Burglaries in the

Blanchardstown area but Gardaí cannot predict where and when burglaries will take

place. One of the best ways to prevent burglaries is for neighbours to watch out for

each others property and immediately report any suspicious persons or activity to

the Gardaí. The Neighbourhood Watch scheme is being re-launched in

Blanchardstown and residents are encouraged to arrange to become part of the

scheme for their area.


  • Blanchardstown Gardaí are working closely with Gardaí from the inner city in order

to try to stem the flow of Fireworks. The inner city is where the majority of

fireworks are coming from.


Action: Philip to inform Blakestown/Mountview Community Drugs Team of the

reported needle find and insure that they are fully aware of the problem


6.0 Fingal County Council Report:


6.1 Quality Bus Corridor work on Blakestown Way is now finished, some landscaping

work still needs to be done and a plan for this is underway which will be carried out

in the planting season from Oct-March.

6.2 Multi use games area in Whitestown is proving a great success and Fingal County

Council would like to extend their thanks to Blakestown CDP and local residents for

support with this initiative. Some minor work still to be done in the vicinity of the

games area e.g. foot paths to be fixed, this is ongoing and will be completed soon.

  • Hartstown Park, at present there is a draft master plan to enhance and utilise the facilities and help improve every aspect of the park i.e. entrances and exits,

footpaths, pitches.

6.4 It is envisaged that in order to progress the issues, improve the look, build a sport

facility etc we will need to consult with sports clubs, scouts and any interested local

groups/clubs. This will happen over time through planning and public consultation.

6.5 Halloween preparations are underway and as already stated Fingal County Council

are working closely with the Gardaí and plans are in place.

6.6 Fingal County Council continues to respond to calls regarding materials hidden for

bomb fires and remove same. Residents are encouraged to report any stock-piling of

bonfire material as soon as it is noticed to the Council.

6.7 Millennium Park will continue to be improved mainly as a result of income generated

from the park i.e. money paid by funfairs and circus is put back into the park.

6.8 The park is at present undergoing some reinstatement of verges and other repair work

due to heavy usage.

6.9 A new all-weather football pitch is under construction in the park and new out

door fitness equipment will be installed soon.

6.10 Ruairi stated that if any issues raised were relevant to housing or environment he

will bring the issues back to those departments.


Action: Landscaping to be carried out in the planting season form Oct-March.


7.0 Feedback from residents to Council Report


7.1 Residents welcomed the report


8.0 Fingal County Council Issues


8.1 Numbers 61 & 62 Fortlawn Avenue are both Boarded up Houses and are being used

to stockpile material for bonfires Residents are afraid that the whole lot including the

house and those living close to it will be set on fire. One of these houses is privately

owned and the landlord should be made to take responsibility for property.

*NB it was noted by chair that this was reported as a problem last year s well.


8.2 Residents wondered if over the Halloween period there is a record made of where

stock piling of material for bonfires is being kept and are their ongoing checks made

from year to year at obvious places of storage. If resources are at a minimum a

suggestion was made to close all the parks and use park rangers to enhance the

number of personnel on Halloween clean up.


8.3 Anti-Social behaviour is a repetitive problem. Fingal County Council needs to

develop a strategic plan to tackle the ongoing issue of anti-social behaviour.


8.4 One answer to the problem of people holding on to large items of furniture etc is for

the council to provide free skips as they did in the past. This would allow for

residents to dispose of large bulky household items such as chairs & sofas in an

appropriate manner.


8.5 Can CCTV be installed in the area as a response or deterrent to anti-social behaviour?


8.6 Resident finding dumped waste outside home but has to pay at recycling centre to get

rid of this rubbish. Resident felt that Litter Wardens are very unsympathetic when

dealing with this issue.

9.0 Council Response:


9.1 Fingal County Council will look into this as part of the planned response to

Halloween and will pass on residents concerns relating to Boarded up Houses of to

housing section


9.2 As stated by the Gardaí there is a plan in place for Halloween which includes the

Gardaí & Housing, Parks and Environment sections of Fingal County Council

working together to tackle this issue. One part of the plan is to target areas previously

used to store material and any newer locations that are reported to the Council.

Overtime for staff to work over the weekend of Halloween has been approved so

staffing levels should not be a problem. Both FCC and Gardaí will ensured that

regardless of a small reduction in resources, the same or higher level of commitment

will be used to tackle issues on Halloween.


9.3 Fingal County Council Housing department is at present developing an Anti-social

behaviour strategy that will apply to all Fingal tenants.

9.4 This issue of the provision of frees skips will be brought to the Environment dept.


9.5 In the Corduff area this was done but funding for this type of initiative has dried up.

There is CCTV in Millennium Park which is recorded and not live but does work as a

deterrent. It is unlikely that CCYV will be installed in the foreseeable future.


9.6 The problems of residents finding waste outside door and issues with Litter

Wardens will be brought to the Environment dept.



10.0 Issues for Safer Blanchardstown



`10.1 Resident wished to know how the Community Policing Forum can keep

women safe in the area?


11.0 Safer Blanchardstown Response


10.1 We will continue to work in supporting partners to develop initiatives with the

aim of keeping all citizens safe especially women.


11.0 Close

11.1 Philip thanked the Huntstown community centre for the use of the hall for this evening meeting and again reminded residents that the Gardaí will make themselves available if residents wish to speak to them confidentially. The audience were also reminded of the Dial to Stop Drug Dealing confidential number and encouraged to use the number to report suspicious activity.

11.2 Philip passed meeting back to chair.

11.3 Chair thanked Residents, Community reps, Garda partners Fingal County Council and Scoil Mhuire for participation and support. Chair assured audience that issues would be followed up by relevant agencies and feedback would be provided locally on progress.



Minutes from public meetings held in 2009
Corduff (March Public Meeting)

Safer Blanchardstown Public Meeting Date 10th March 2009 Venue: Corduff Resource Centre

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Safer Blanchardstown Public Meeting

Date 10th March 2009

Venue: Corduff Resource Centre

Issues for Gardaí

1.1    Two sheds in Sheephill Avenue are being used by anti-social elements as drinking dens. Can this be investigated?

1.2    Gang from Sheephill also responsible for a number of assaults and intimidation at Corduff shops.


1.3    Request for more visible policing along the Tolka Valley – particularly during the fishing season which begins on 17th March as there will be hundreds of young people fishing.

1.4    Community Gardaí are talking to young people and attend the club in the Sports Centre every Thursday

1.5    Is there a Garda strategy in place to stop the use of motorbikes, which are untaxed and uninsured, being used in Corduff Park and other green spaces in Corduff?

1.6    Gang of people in Sheephill engaged in a range of criminal behaviour need to be addressed. What are the Gardaí doing about this?

1.7    Number of assaults may have been captured by community CCTV system.

1.8    Investigating Gardaí did not seek to view footage. Are they all aware that it exists and can they be informed?

1.9     Gardaí need to get out of the car and off bikes and engage with people, more

1.10 Garda foot patrols are needed in the area.


Issues for Fingal County Council and Gardaí

2.1 Blackcourt Road being used as a rat run to avoid Blanchardstown Road North.

2.2 Traffic calming ramps were promised as part of the deal with residents

2.3 Gardaí should walk/cycle in the estates more often instead of just the main

Roads regarding the new bus lane but have not yet been installed. When can we

expect this to happen?

2.4 Lack of road markings in School car park lead to dangerous driving and

children and parents are at risk

Issues for Fingal County Council


3.1 Illegal dumping, vans driving into the area and dumping. Is this being caught on


3.2 HSE owned site at rear of Corduff Shops. Used for fly-tipping, joyriding and general

anti-social behaviour. Why do the Council not take enforcement action against the

HSE to get them to secure their site? If it was privately owned this would happen.

3.3 What is proposed to change the steps from Corduff Avenue to Corduff Lane? Area

used repeatedly for drug dealing and illegal drinking. A number of homes and cars a

and attacks on people have happened in this area. The Gardaí have also been

attacked and elderly residents in the avenue are living in fear of their lives.

3.4 Who is responsible for emptying of bottle bank in Corduff Resource Centre and can it

stop happening at 7am?

3.5 Why is the hole in the wall in Sheephill Avenue which is being as a location for constant drug dealing, not repaired and do the Gardaí work with the Council to catch those knocking it down?

3.6   The wall is ripped down within hours of it being rebuilt.

3.7   The fence erected at the hole in wall is an eyesore and dangerous. Can it be replaced

by a reinforced concrete wall.

3.8 Speed ramp at 27 Corduff Grove was altered by builders and is now too high. This

means it is damaging cars and causing water to pool at its base. When will this be


3.9 Why are these gangs (Garda 1.12)not evicted if they are council tenants? Can Council

explain the  process?

3.10 There is no public lighting on the public walkway at the hill from the Corduff

Resource Centre to Corduff Shops. When will the council provide this?

3.11 Cars parking on the main Blackcourt Road from Genesis to Church causing  an

obstruction for drivers which has resulted in at least two children being run over.

Can double yellow lines be put down? This issue has been raised by the residents

association for over a year go but nobody from Transportation Dept has answered

of gotten back the association in relation to this grave issue.

3.12 Bus stop at Corduff Gardens was moved. When residents get off the bus they must

now walk down a grass bank as there is no path. This is particularly difficult for

parents with buggies, elderly and infirm. Can a path be provided?

3.13 Danger at open space between Corduff Grove and onto Blanchardstown Road Nth.

Can a barrier be installed to stop young children running directly out?

3.14  There is general council neglect in most areas of Corduff. Weeds and over run grass

on red brick pavement is rarely maintained. While main Blackcourt Road is

maintained, inside estates is ignored as it is out of site.

3.15 No sweeping trucks come into estate after bin collection. Why does this not


3.16 Cars drive over the grass verge and footpath at school car park. Can a barrier be


3.17 Rodent infestation at row of houses from 33 – 48 Sheephill Park. Lack of

responsibility between Council and public health officers. Can this be investigated and


3.18 Path has been partially constructed in open space between Brookhaven and

Edgewood Lawn. Work has stopped and the path is unfinished. Can council get this


3.19 Ground where bonfire was needs to be reinstated at open space between Brookhaven

and Edgewood Lawn.

3.20  Need for public lighting along footpath at public open space between Corduff Park

and Grove.

3.21 Can a designated, supervised bonfire site be provided by the Council?

3.22 Can the community skips be reintroduced to help reduce illegal dumping?

3.23 ESB substation at Corduff Grove is a magnet for anti social behaviour and is often used

by drug dealers. Can it be buried underground or moved and if not why not?

HSE Feedback


General Comments

  • Gardaí confirmed they would have extra resources in Blanchardstown for St Patrick’s Day.
  • Will Dial to Stop Drug Dealing continue to be funded?
  • Can a local helpline be set up in Corduff for young people contemplating suicide, and can it be open 24 hours?
  • Four meetings a year is not enough. Can a group be established to continually monitor crime levels in Corduff? This group should include Safer Blanchardstown, Gardaí, Council, Community Development Project, RAPID and Residents Associations?
Corduff (April Public Meeting)

Public Forum Meeting Corduff 21st April 2009

Public Forum Meeting


21st April 2009


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Present: Gene Griffin (Fingal County Council) Tommy McManus (Fingal County Council) Aileen O’Connor (Fingal County Council) Superintendent John Harnett (Gardaí) Inspector John Kelly  (Gardaí) Sergeant Vincent Connolly (Gardaí)

Minutes: Felix Gallagher (Corduff CDP)

Facilitator: Philip Jennings (Safer Blanchardstown)


Attendance: approx 50




1.1 Are the two sheds which are constantly being used as drinking dens in Sheephill Avenue being monitored on a regular basis?

1.2 In relation to the ongoing Criminal and anti-social behaviour in Sheephill and the

Corduff shops has information been forthcoming to the Gardaí and how can

residents best provide this evidence in safety?

1.3 Has the Gardaí increased their use of CCTV in the Corduff area?

1.4 What is the result of the criminal investigation in relation to the wall in Sheephill being constantly

kicked down?

1.5 When you ring the Garda station you are asked to leave your name, why is this

question asked? People find it very off putting and it makes them afraid.

1.6 How can residents provide information or evidence to the Gardaí in safety?

Fingal County Council



2.1 Residents believe that traffic calming ramps were agreed to be placed on Blackcourt Road as part of the bus lane negotiations; can these ramps be provided and if not why not?

2.2 In relation to the double yellow lines on Blackcourt Road and at Council/School car park; has RAPID funding been approved?

2.3 If RAPID finding is approved when will the work begin? If not will the work ever

be carried out

2.4 Footpath at bus stop at Corduff Gardens; please provide update on current situation

As no action has been taken on this issue so far.

Housing/Environmental Services


3.1 What is the procedure for reporting illegal dumping, what numbers to call,

information to provide etc?

3.2 Steps in Corduff lane: what is the result of the re-assessment and has there been any


3.3 When will the wall in Sheephill be permanently repaired?

3.4 In relation to the rodent infestation of two Council houses on Sheephill Park, has

this situation been resolved?

3.5 Panda refuse collection trucks are reversing into the courts. This is very dangerous

and needs to be stopped. Can the Council put an end to this?

3.6 Delivery ramp in Corduff shops is very dangerous and is constantly being used by private cars. Can this be closed off and the back of the shops used for deliveries?

Lighting/ Parks


4.1 What is the progress on providing lighting on open space between Corduff Park and


4.2 Pathway from Resource Centre and Shops: was this path given to the Council? If so

when can lighting be installed?

4.3 Has the ESB been written to, in relation to sub-station on Corduff Grove?

4.4 There is a need to increase and repair the existing lighting between Sheephill  and

Westway when can this work be carried out?

4.5 What is the progress on lighting improvements in Sheephill Park?


4.6 On Blanchardstown Road North and Corduff Green when can kissing gates be


4.7 Fingal Stock Car Club wish to know if a dedicated stock car track can be provided

in the area. They have hundreds of members and this initiative would help to reduce

anti-social behaviour and damage to open spaces by motor bikes. Please provide an




5.1 Is the council budget and programme of works accessible to view by members of

the public and if so how would one go about viewing same?


Carried forward from last meeting


3.14 Carried forward ….need for response;

General Council neglect in most areas of Corduff. Weeds over run, and grass is rarely maintained. Blackcourt road is maintained but inside the estate in not.

3.21 Carried forward…need for a response;

Can a dedicated supervised bonfire be provided by the council?

General Comments

The council are paying lip service to the meeting with their responses. A lot of talk with no commitment other than to rebuild a ramp.

Nothing has come out of the meeting other than excuses and lack of funding


Corduff (November Public Meeting)

Safer Blanchardstown Corduff Public Meeting 10th November 2009

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Safer Blanchardstown

Corduff Public Meeting

10th November 2009

Present: Gardaí:   Inspector John Kelly, Sergeant Vincent Connolly

Fingal County Council: Gene Griffin (Housing), Tommy McManus (Transport)

Apologies: Ruairi O’Dulaing (Parks)

Facilitator: Philip Jennings (Safer Blanchardstown)

Minutes: Felix Gallagher (Corduff CDP)

Attendance: 23 Residents

Gardaí Report

Inspector Kelly made the following report

1.1 Halloween, although not without incident, was relatively quite.

Gardaí felt that the idea of a Council organised bonfires should be explored for

next year.

1.2 Inspector Kelly requested that he be allowed to deal with the issue of an alleged

stalker in Corduff Gardens area in private with the resident who raised the issue.

1.3 Sergeant Connolly made the following report:

1.4 Burglaries are on the rise across D15 and that residents should be extra vigilant.

16 cars were stolen in the Corduff area since May 2009.

1.5 There were 16 public order offences in Corduff out of 360 across D15.

1.6 There have been 2 muggings and 1 handbag snatch in the area.

1.7 Sergeant Connolly asked for information on a robbery that took place at the lane

to Corduff shops. Suspect had ginger hair & beard. Anyone with information was

requested to contact the Gardaí after the meeting or call the station.

Response to issues raised at previous meeting:

2.1  Gardaí will set up a meeting with owners of houses being used for drinking in Sheephill Avenue and inform them of the impact on the community of the behaviour of people leaving their premises.

2.2   Crime in Sheephill/Corduff Shops is being monitored on an ongoing basis.

2.3  €1000 of heroin was seized as a result of information given at meeting.

2.4  There have been 4 drug seizures since April valued at €4000 as a direct result of information gained through public meetings and confidence building measures.

2.5  A sawn off shotgun was recovered along with 2 stolen cars,

2.6  Gardaí have increased use of Corduff CCTV.

2.7  One of those believed responsible for breaking the wall in Sheephill Avenue has been prosecuted for separate offence. This area will be continuously monitored.

2.8  When Gardaí ask for the name of people phoning in a complaint this may be necessary to verify if call is a hoaxes depending on the issue/complaint.

2.9  Residents can pass information in complete confidence through the Garda Confidential Line 1800 666 111, Fingal County Council Anti-social behaviour number 890 5592, Dial to Stop Drug Dealing 1800 220 220, or to Safer Blanchardstown  on 870 8494.

Fingal County Council Report

Response to transport issues raised at previous meeting

2.1              The council gave no commitment to provide traffic calming ramps on Blackcourt Road as part of the bus lane negotiations.

2.2              Painting double yellow lines on Blackcourt Road was based on joint-funding from the RAPID Physical Environment Improvement Scheme. This scheme has been frozen by Government and therefore the proposed work will not proceed.

2.3              Footpath at bus stop at Corduff Gardens. This is an issue for the Parks Section, but they have said that no money is available to resolve this issue.

Response to Housing issues raised at previous meeting

3.1              A leaflet was provided to all in attendance detailing reporting procedure for illegal dumping.

3.2              Step at Corduff Avenue/Lane. Some work has been carried out. A wall has been removed which reduces hiding places from CCTV.

3.3              The Council are willing to incorporate laneway into St Patrick’s school. The council is willing to meet with residents and Councillors to discuss this issue.

3.4              The wall at Sheephill Avenue/Green has been fixed; the protective fencing is due to be removed shortly.

3.5              Rodent infestation at two houses in Sheephill Park has now be resolved.

3.6              Panda refuse trucks reversing into Courts. As Panda is a private company; this issue would need to be referred to the Gardai.

3.7              If it is found that Council trucks are reversing into the Courts, let Gene know.



4.1              There is no money to install public lighting on open space between Corduff Park and Grove. It will be kept on the 2010 Works Programme List. If and when the money is found the work will be carried out.

4.2              Pathway from Corduff shops to the car park at Resource Centre has not been handed over to the council and therefore they are not in a position to provide lights.

4.3              Council have written to the ESB regarding sub-station in Corduff Grove. ESB has not responded to this letter.

4.4              3 lights are broken on public open space between Sheephill and Westway. These are on the works list and will be repaired in the coming weeks.

4.5              There is no money to install public lighting on open space between Sheephill Park. It will be kept on the 2010 Works Programme List.

4.6              No commitment has been given to put in kissing gate, bollards have been put in instead.

4.7              Fingal Stock Car Club – Negotiations on-going. Site identified, still some outstanding issues to be addressed.


5.1              The council budget and programme of works are viewable to members of the public. Funding has been cut by 100% for new works. There is a small amount for emergency works. The funding raised through levies is in place, but there is a Government ban on spending it.

Carried Forward From Previous Meeting


3.14          Some improvements in Corduff estates with weeds and general upkeep.

General Comments

6.1              It was stated from the floor that the response from the Council offers little incentive for volunteers to get involved in residents associations as there are no positive outcomes.

New Issues



7.1              Car stolen, abandoned in school car park. This was reported to the Gardaí with no response. It was stolen from the school four hours later and then caused considerable damage in Parslickstown. Why was this car not removed when originally abandoned and reported?

7.2              Update on recent drug murders asked for.


7.3              Side of Chinese Take Away. Grease is seeping out of the vent and down the wall. Can Environmental Services respond to this?

7.4              Can a left-hand turning lane be put in at the roundabout joining Blanchardstown Road North with Mulhuddart Village and N3?

7.5              Now that it has been resolved that the car park between the Resource Centre and Genesis is Council owned will they now install public lighting?



Safer Blanchardstown
Fingal Library
Blanchardstown Shopping Centre
Dublin 15

(01) 870 8494

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