A Safer Blanchardstown, A Safer Community.

On the 19 th of April 2004 a seminar entitled Developing Integrated Policing was held in Blanchardstown. This seminar was organised by Blanchardstown Local Drugs Task Force (BLDTF) in association with Greater Blanchardstown Response to Drugs, Combat Poverty Agency and Blanchardstown Revitalising Areas by Planning Investment and Development (RAPID). Following this very successful seminar the Justice and Supply sub-group of BLDTF was successful in its application for funding for the employment of a Co-ordinator to establish a Community Policing Forum in Blanchardstown.

Following on from the employment of the Co-ordinator a Management Committee was established consisting of Senior Gardaí, Senior Fingal County Council, R.A.P.I.D. BLDTF and Justice and Supply representatives. Subsequently the Management Committee decided to change the name of the project to Safer Blanchardstown in order to reflect the fact that there is more to community safety than straightforward Policing.

What is needed is a joint approach to problem solving that includes the Council, the Gardaí, the Community and other relevant stakeholders. In other words we are all part of the problem; the Community the Gardaí and the Council. Joint Problems need effective solutions that will bring about lasting change and benefit. So a collective approach to working together to resolve common issues was needed and Safer Blanchardstown was tasked with developing a collective response to the many problems facing residents of Blanchardstown.

The areas of operation of Safer Blanchardstown are the same as that of the Local Drugs Task Force which are: Corduff, Mulhuddart, Blakestown, Mountview, Hartstown and Huntstown. The Board of Management of Safer Blanchardstown is responsible for the overall running and direction of the programme. The Board was origionally made up of representatives from: Gardaí, Fingal County Council, Blanchardstown Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force, 2 elected Public Representatives and 4 elected Community Representatives. Recently the Board was expanded to include representatives from Mulhuddart Community Drug & Alcohol Team, ADAPT, WEB (Youth Drivesion Programme) and Blanchardstown Area Partnership

In addition to the overall direction of Safer Blanchardstown the Board also considers the more complex issues raised at public meetings and may forward recommendations on to the Joint Policing Committee to which Safer Blanchardstown reports twice annually.

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