Safer Blanchardstown Corduff Public Meeting 10th November 2009

Safer Blanchardstown

Corduff Public Meeting

10th November 2009

Present: Gardaí:   Inspector John Kelly, Sergeant Vincent Connolly

Fingal County Council: Gene Griffin (Housing), Tommy McManus (Transport)

Apologies: Ruairi O’Dulaing (Parks)

Facilitator: Philip Jennings (Safer Blanchardstown)

Minutes: Felix Gallagher (Corduff CDP)

Attendance: 23 Residents

Gardaí Report

Inspector Kelly made the following report

1.1 Halloween, although not without incident, was relatively quite.

Gardaí felt that the idea of a Council organised bonfires should be explored for

next year.

1.2 Inspector Kelly requested that he be allowed to deal with the issue of an alleged

stalker in Corduff Gardens area in private with the resident who raised the issue.

1.3 Sergeant Connolly made the following report:

1.4 Burglaries are on the rise across D15 and that residents should be extra vigilant.

16 cars were stolen in the Corduff area since May 2009.

1.5 There were 16 public order offences in Corduff out of 360 across D15.

1.6 There have been 2 muggings and 1 handbag snatch in the area.

1.7 Sergeant Connolly asked for information on a robbery that took place at the lane

to Corduff shops. Suspect had ginger hair & beard. Anyone with information was

requested to contact the Gardaí after the meeting or call the station.

Response to issues raised at previous meeting:

2.1  Gardaí will set up a meeting with owners of houses being used for drinking in Sheephill Avenue and inform them of the impact on the community of the behaviour of people leaving their premises.

2.2   Crime in Sheephill/Corduff Shops is being monitored on an ongoing basis.

2.3  €1000 of heroin was seized as a result of information given at meeting.

2.4  There have been 4 drug seizures since April valued at €4000 as a direct result of information gained through public meetings and confidence building measures.

2.5  A sawn off shotgun was recovered along with 2 stolen cars,

2.6  Gardaí have increased use of Corduff CCTV.

2.7  One of those believed responsible for breaking the wall in Sheephill Avenue has been prosecuted for separate offence. This area will be continuously monitored.

2.8  When Gardaí ask for the name of people phoning in a complaint this may be necessary to verify if call is a hoaxes depending on the issue/complaint.

2.9  Residents can pass information in complete confidence through the Garda Confidential Line 1800 666 111, Fingal County Council Anti-social behaviour number 890 5592, Dial to Stop Drug Dealing 1800 220 220, or to Safer Blanchardstown  on 870 8494.

Fingal County Council Report

Response to transport issues raised at previous meeting

2.1              The council gave no commitment to provide traffic calming ramps on Blackcourt Road as part of the bus lane negotiations.

2.2              Painting double yellow lines on Blackcourt Road was based on joint-funding from the RAPID Physical Environment Improvement Scheme. This scheme has been frozen by Government and therefore the proposed work will not proceed.

2.3              Footpath at bus stop at Corduff Gardens. This is an issue for the Parks Section, but they have said that no money is available to resolve this issue.

Response to Housing issues raised at previous meeting

3.1              A leaflet was provided to all in attendance detailing reporting procedure for illegal dumping.

3.2              Step at Corduff Avenue/Lane. Some work has been carried out. A wall has been removed which reduces hiding places from CCTV.

3.3              The Council are willing to incorporate laneway into St Patrick’s school. The council is willing to meet with residents and Councillors to discuss this issue.

3.4              The wall at Sheephill Avenue/Green has been fixed; the protective fencing is due to be removed shortly.

3.5              Rodent infestation at two houses in Sheephill Park has now be resolved.

3.6              Panda refuse trucks reversing into Courts. As Panda is a private company; this issue would need to be referred to the Gardai.

3.7              If it is found that Council trucks are reversing into the Courts, let Gene know.



4.1              There is no money to install public lighting on open space between Corduff Park and Grove. It will be kept on the 2010 Works Programme List. If and when the money is found the work will be carried out.

4.2              Pathway from Corduff shops to the car park at Resource Centre has not been handed over to the council and therefore they are not in a position to provide lights.

4.3              Council have written to the ESB regarding sub-station in Corduff Grove. ESB has not responded to this letter.

4.4              3 lights are broken on public open space between Sheephill and Westway. These are on the works list and will be repaired in the coming weeks.

4.5              There is no money to install public lighting on open space between Sheephill Park. It will be kept on the 2010 Works Programme List.

4.6              No commitment has been given to put in kissing gate, bollards have been put in instead.

4.7              Fingal Stock Car Club – Negotiations on-going. Site identified, still some outstanding issues to be addressed.


5.1              The council budget and programme of works are viewable to members of the public. Funding has been cut by 100% for new works. There is a small amount for emergency works. The funding raised through levies is in place, but there is a Government ban on spending it.

Carried Forward From Previous Meeting

3.14          Some improvements in Corduff estates with weeds and general upkeep.

General Comments

6.1              It was stated from the floor that the response from the Council offers little incentive for volunteers to get involved in residents associations as there are no positive outcomes.

New Issues


7.1              Car stolen, abandoned in school car park. This was reported to the Gardaí with no response. It was stolen from the school four hours later and then caused considerable damage in Parslickstown. Why was this car not removed when originally abandoned and reported?

7.2              Update on recent drug murders asked for.


7.3              Side of Chinese Take Away. Grease is seeping out of the vent and down the wall. Can Environmental Services respond to this?

7.4              Can a left-hand turning lane be put in at the roundabout joining Blanchardstown Road North with Mulhuddart Village and N3?

7.5              Now that it has been resolved that the car park between the Resource Centre and Genesis is Council owned will they now install public lighting?

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