Public Forum Meeting Corduff 21st April 2009

Public Forum Meeting


21st April 2009


Present: Gene Griffin (Fingal County Council) Tommy McManus (Fingal County Council) Aileen O’Connor (Fingal County Council) Superintendent John Harnett (Gardaí) Inspector John Kelly  (Gardaí) Sergeant Vincent Connolly (Gardaí)

Minutes: Felix Gallagher (Corduff CDP)

Facilitator: Philip Jennings (Safer Blanchardstown)

Attendance: approx 50


1.1 Are the two sheds which are constantly being used as drinking dens in Sheephill Avenue being monitored on a regular basis?

1.2 In relation to the ongoing Criminal and anti-social behaviour in Sheephill and the

Corduff shops has information been forthcoming to the Gardaí and how can

residents best provide this evidence in safety?

1.3 Has the Gardaí increased their use of CCTV in the Corduff area?

1.4 What is the result of the criminal investigation in relation to the wall in Sheephill being constantly

kicked down?

1.5 When you ring the Garda station you are asked to leave your name, why is this

question asked? People find it very off putting and it makes them afraid.

1.6 How can residents provide information or evidence to the Gardaí in safety?

Fingal County Council


2.1 Residents believe that traffic calming ramps were agreed to be placed on Blackcourt Road as part of the bus lane negotiations; can these ramps be provided and if not why not?

2.2 In relation to the double yellow lines on Blackcourt Road and at Council/School car park; has RAPID funding been approved?

2.3 If RAPID finding is approved when will the work begin? If not will the work ever

be carried out

2.4 Footpath at bus stop at Corduff Gardens; please provide update on current situation

As no action has been taken on this issue so far.

Housing/Environmental Services

3.1 What is the procedure for reporting illegal dumping, what numbers to call,

information to provide etc?

3.2 Steps in Corduff lane: what is the result of the re-assessment and has there been any


3.3 When will the wall in Sheephill be permanently repaired?

3.4 In relation to the rodent infestation of two Council houses on Sheephill Park, has

this situation been resolved?

3.5 Panda refuse collection trucks are reversing into the courts. This is very dangerous

and needs to be stopped. Can the Council put an end to this?

3.6 Delivery ramp in Corduff shops is very dangerous and is constantly being used by private cars. Can this be closed off and the back of the shops used for deliveries?

Lighting/ Parks

4.1 What is the progress on providing lighting on open space between Corduff Park and


4.2 Pathway from Resource Centre and Shops: was this path given to the Council? If so

when can lighting be installed?

4.3 Has the ESB been written to, in relation to sub-station on Corduff Grove?

4.4 There is a need to increase and repair the existing lighting between Sheephill  and

Westway when can this work be carried out?

4.5 What is the progress on lighting improvements in Sheephill Park?

4.6 On Blanchardstown Road North and Corduff Green when can kissing gates be


4.7 Fingal Stock Car Club wish to know if a dedicated stock car track can be provided

in the area. They have hundreds of members and this initiative would help to reduce

anti-social behaviour and damage to open spaces by motor bikes. Please provide an



5.1 Is the council budget and programme of works accessible to view by members of

the public and if so how would one go about viewing same?

Carried forward from last meeting

3.14 Carried forward ….need for response;

General Council neglect in most areas of Corduff. Weeds over run, and grass is rarely maintained. Blackcourt road is maintained but inside the estate in not.

3.21 Carried forward…need for a response;

Can a dedicated supervised bonfire be provided by the council?

General Comments

The council are paying lip service to the meeting with their responses. A lot of talk with no commitment other than to rebuild a ramp.

Nothing has come out of the meeting other than excuses and lack of funding

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