Safer Blanchardstown Public Meeting Date 10th March 2009 Venue: Corduff Resource Centre

Safer Blanchardstown Public Meeting

Date 10th March 2009

Venue: Corduff Resource Centre

Issues for Gardaí

1.1    Two sheds in Sheephill Avenue are being used by anti-social elements as drinking dens. Can this be investigated?

1.2    Gang from Sheephill also responsible for a number of assaults and intimidation at Corduff shops.

1.3    Request for more visible policing along the Tolka Valley – particularly during the fishing season which begins on 17th March as there will be hundreds of young people fishing.

1.4    Community Gardaí are talking to young people and attend the club in the Sports Centre every Thursday

1.5    Is there a Garda strategy in place to stop the use of motorbikes, which are untaxed and uninsured, being used in Corduff Park and other green spaces in Corduff?

1.6    Gang of people in Sheephill engaged in a range of criminal behaviour need to be addressed. What are the Gardaí doing about this?

1.7    Number of assaults may have been captured by community CCTV system.

1.8    Investigating Gardaí did not seek to view footage. Are they all aware that it exists and can they be informed?

1.9     Gardaí need to get out of the car and off bikes and engage with people, more

1.10 Garda foot patrols are needed in the area.

Issues for Fingal County Council and Gardaí

2.1 Blackcourt Road being used as a rat run to avoid Blanchardstown Road North.

2.2 Traffic calming ramps were promised as part of the deal with residents

2.3 Gardaí should walk/cycle in the estates more often instead of just the main

Roads regarding the new bus lane but have not yet been installed. When can we

expect this to happen?

2.4 Lack of road markings in School car park lead to dangerous driving and

children and parents are at risk

Issues for Fingal County Council


3.1 Illegal dumping, vans driving into the area and dumping. Is this being caught on


3.2 HSE owned site at rear of Corduff Shops. Used for fly-tipping, joyriding and general

anti-social behaviour. Why do the Council not take enforcement action against the

HSE to get them to secure their site? If it was privately owned this would happen.

3.3 What is proposed to change the steps from Corduff Avenue to Corduff Lane? Area

used repeatedly for drug dealing and illegal drinking. A number of homes and cars a

and attacks on people have happened in this area. The Gardaí have also been

attacked and elderly residents in the avenue are living in fear of their lives.

3.4 Who is responsible for emptying of bottle bank in Corduff Resource Centre and can it

stop happening at 7am?

3.5 Why is the hole in the wall in Sheephill Avenue which is being as a location for constant drug dealing, not repaired and do the Gardaí work with the Council to catch those knocking it down?

3.6   The wall is ripped down within hours of it being rebuilt.

3.7   The fence erected at the hole in wall is an eyesore and dangerous. Can it be replaced

by a reinforced concrete wall.

3.8 Speed ramp at 27 Corduff Grove was altered by builders and is now too high. This

means it is damaging cars and causing water to pool at its base. When will this be


3.9 Why are these gangs (Garda 1.12)not evicted if they are council tenants? Can Council

explain the  process?

3.10 There is no public lighting on the public walkway at the hill from the Corduff

Resource Centre to Corduff Shops. When will the council provide this?

3.11 Cars parking on the main Blackcourt Road from Genesis to Church causing  an

obstruction for drivers which has resulted in at least two children being run over.

Can double yellow lines be put down? This issue has been raised by the residents

association for over a year go but nobody from Transportation Dept has answered

of gotten back the association in relation to this grave issue.

3.12 Bus stop at Corduff Gardens was moved. When residents get off the bus they must

now walk down a grass bank as there is no path. This is particularly difficult for

parents with buggies, elderly and infirm. Can a path be provided?

3.13 Danger at open space between Corduff Grove and onto Blanchardstown Road Nth.

Can a barrier be installed to stop young children running directly out?

3.14  There is general council neglect in most areas of Corduff. Weeds and over run grass

on red brick pavement is rarely maintained. While main Blackcourt Road is

maintained, inside estates is ignored as it is out of site.

3.15 No sweeping trucks come into estate after bin collection. Why does this not


3.16 Cars drive over the grass verge and footpath at school car park. Can a barrier be


3.17 Rodent infestation at row of houses from 33 – 48 Sheephill Park. Lack of

responsibility between Council and public health officers. Can this be investigated and


3.18 Path has been partially constructed in open space between Brookhaven and

Edgewood Lawn. Work has stopped and the path is unfinished. Can council get this


3.19 Ground where bonfire was needs to be reinstated at open space between Brookhaven

and Edgewood Lawn.

3.20  Need for public lighting along footpath at public open space between Corduff Park

and Grove.

3.21 Can a designated, supervised bonfire site be provided by the Council?

3.22 Can the community skips be reintroduced to help reduce illegal dumping?

3.23 ESB substation at Corduff Grove is a magnet for anti social behaviour and is often used

by drug dealers. Can it be buried underground or moved and if not why not?

HSE Feedback

General Comments

  • Gardaí confirmed they would have extra resources in Blanchardstown for St Patrick’s Day.
  • Will Dial to Stop Drug Dealing continue to be funded?
  • Can a local helpline be set up in Corduff for young people contemplating suicide, and can it be open 24 hours?
  • Four meetings a year is not enough. Can a group be established to continually monitor crime levels in Corduff? This group should include Safer Blanchardstown, Gardaí, Council, Community Development Project, RAPID and Residents Associations?

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